Ray Essiambre’s experience in land use planning and land development consulting spans 45 years’ experience. Ray has designed and obtained approvals for more than 300 residential and commercial projects. His government experience includes: working as a land use planner for the Town of Oakville, the City of Edmonton and the City of Ottawa. Private sector experience includes working for several multidisciplinary engineering, planning firms in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and the United States.

Ray’s passion is leading private landowners, public sector landowners and land developers through the complex and highly regulated land use planning process. His experience completing more than 250 projects is invaluable to clients who choose to utilize all or selected areas of his experience that include:

  • Locating available developable land
  • Overall project coordination
  • Project budgeting
  • Assembling and coordinating project teams
  • Conceptual designs
  • Filing and obtaining municipal approvals
    • Official Plan Amendments
    • Rezoning
    • Subdivision
    • Site plan approvals
    • Minor variance
  • Clearing conditions
  • Public engagement
  • Assistance with disposition of land
  • Expert testimony

Scale of projects has ranged from smaller single use sites to large mixed use complete communities on several hundred hectares. The time to approvals has been relatively short and for some projects, and for others it has taken more than 10 years requiring extensive studies, public engagement, meetings with elected officials.

A diversity of projects undertaken by Ray include: a wide range of urban residential densities; estate lot subdivisions; greenfield and infill developments; automotive uses; office, retail, industrial developments.

Ray has completed complex studies and special projects such as; urban boundary adjustments, municipal retail strategies, economic development strategies, automotive uses studies, urban design studies including coordinating contributing professional disciplines.

Ray is known for his integrity, and practical down to earth professional style that is focused on the needs of his clients. His meticulous attention to details and focus has resulted in the many successes for his clients. He is also an accomplished professional public speaker having delivered presentations at national conferences and workshops attended by councillors, media, the public, land developers and other business leaders. Ray delivers his message in a relaxed, informative style that is easily understood by all stakeholders.

Ray’s experience includes working on more than 250 projects from routine to high profile and highly contentious assignments. The following is a representative sample of projects.

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